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  • Plastic ring hot melt welding liquid filter bag, needle felt filter bag made of polypropylene (Polypropylene), polyester (Polyester), nylon (Nylon), polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) and other materials felt made of fabric

    The main materials are special liquid filter materials made in foreign countries with high standards in the same industry or produced by the same manufacturer in the sole domestic factory.

    The filter bag made of steel ring can be installed in the equipment to improve the sealing degree and reduce the probability of side leakage. Plastic ring mouth can also be used,

    which is closely combined with the filter to ensure that the filter bag has the best joint strength and prevent leakage.

    The special singeing treatment on the surface can effectively prevent the fiber from falling off and polluting the filtrate. The fluffy and uniform three-dimensional filter layer has a very

    high catching capacity for solid and colloidal particles. The long fiber with high strength makes the filtering efficiency of the filter bag stable and the service life longer.

    special singeing treatment on the surface not only effectively prevents the fiber from separating from the polluted filtrate, but also avoids the traditional rolling treatment which causes

    the filter hole to be excessively blocked and shortens the service life of the liquid filter bag

    All raw materials are natural white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, which fully meet the environmental protection standards. Moreover,

    due to the three-dimensional filter layer of needle felt, when the liquid flows through the needle felt, the particles will stay on the inner surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtering mechanism.

    It has high collection efficiency for solid or colloidal particles. The uniform thickness, stable opening rate and sufficient strength of the needle felt make the efficiency of the liquid filter bag

    stable and the use time longer. The bottom, side and collar of the hot-melt filter bag are welded by the hot-melt method

    The problems of side leakage caused by uneven pinholes and materials, fiber shedding and so on in the traditional liquid filter bag with line seam are all solved by this kind of liquid filter bag

    with full hot-melt welding. The high-precision liquid filter bag with wireless seam adopts digital one position multi-point welding equipment.

    Make sure that the welding of each point is the strongest and consistent. Ensure that the liquid filter bag is not affected by other production auxiliary materials,

    and ensure the material consistency of each liquid filter bag. Applicable to areas with higher requirements.

    Please call for the application technology of filter bags for specific products of various industries.

    H =Wireless seam hot melt welding - material of mouth ring (PE / PP plastic pressure sensing seal ring)

    A= 1号袋、B= 2号袋、C= 3号袋、D= 4号袋、E= 5号袋

    Filter area:1号袋=0.25、2号袋=0.5、3号袋=0.1、4号袋= 0.15、5号袋=0.3

    Outline Tolerance mm :≥0.3-0.8 ≥0.3-0.8 ≥0.3-0.8 ≥0.3-0.8

    Filter fineness (μ m):1、3、5、10、15、20、25、50、75、100、150、200

    Maximum operating differential pressure (MPa):0.4、0.3、0.2

    Maximum operating temperature (℃) :聚酯(PE)130 ( 瞬间180 ) 、聚丙烯(PO

    Scope of application:Paint and ink: emulsion paint, paint raw materials and solvent filtration, printing ink, printing ink filtration.

    Other industries: various kinds of liquid purification and filtration materials in fine chemical, petrochemical, electronic, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries.

    We can also customize filter bags of different specifications, sizes and materials according to the needs of users.

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