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  • core of the filter bag is made of 100% pure polypropylene by multi-layer melt spraying. The melt spraying polypropylene has lipophilicity,
    filter cloth has the ability of absorbing grease, and has a better efficiency of oil removal and filtration

    ① accuracy range 25 / 50 μ m ② PP (90 ℃) ③microfiber, excellent oil absorption ④ oil absorption 20 times of its weight
    ⑤ interception of various soft and hard particle impurities ⑥ hot melt seamless joint ⑦ no chemical release

    Scope of application: electric paint coating line, pretreatment of waste water discharge, circulating water for circuit board production,
    automobile production coating line, metal casting, protective filtration before ultrafiltration, filtering and degreasing filtration of spray water.

    Suzhou KoSa environmental protection Co., Ltd.We produce all kinds of oil absorption and degreasing filter bags. Our products are made of high-quality oil absorption cotton and high-precision filter cloth,
    which can be combined in single layer or multi-layer freely to effectively absorb oil stains in the liquid.

    It is especially suitable for industries with high requirements for liquid purity, such as automobile spraying, electrophoretic paint, food, beverage, etc.,
    with various product specifications, and can be processed and customized according to the actual situation of customers. Welcome to call to discuss and order.

    *******Filter bag material********

    Nonwoven series: nonwoven, needled felt, felt, PP polypropylene, PE polyester, nylon monofilament, nylon, etc.

    ********Filtering accuracy********

    0.5 μ m, 1 μ m (12500 mesh), 5 μ m (2500 mesh), 10 μ m (1250 mesh), 15 μ m (800 mesh), 25 μ m (500 mesh), 50 μ m (280 mesh), 100 μ m (140 mesh), 150 μ m (100 mesh), 200 μ m (76 mesh), 300 μ m (50 mesh), etc.

    ********Filter bag specification********

    1#袋 180×410mm
    2#袋 180×820mm
    3#袋 100×230mm
    4#袋 100×420mm
    5#袋 152×520mm 可供选择。
    Other dimensions: can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

    ********Rim material********

    Galvanized ring, stainless steel ring, PP plastic ring, suitable for 1-5 × liquid filter. Other ring mouth, no ring mouth, ring mouth tether and other specifications can be customized.


    According to the specific filter materials, the processes of full seam of steel ring, full seam of plastic ring, seam of circle mouth, seam of bag body, seam of bag body, seam of circle mouth, etc.

    In order to create a high-quality filter bag for you, we have equipped a set of independent sewing system to improve each product.

    In addition, each screen filter bag is made with unique edge wrapping technology, which can prevent pinhole leakage to the greatest extent. Imported equipment
    hot melt welding equipment provides strong backing for creating high-quality welding filter bag.

    Suzhou KoSa has Professional filter bag manufacturer, mainly including liquid filter bag, water filter bag, oil filter bag, chemical filter bag, paint filter bag, oil absorption filter bag,
    culture filter bag and other liquid filter bags for solid liquid separation.

    Large filter bags with stiffening ribs, centrifuge bags of various specifications, dust removal bags used for air dust filtration, filter cartridge bags used for filter cartridge coat and
    other special filter bags, large-diameter filter cartridges used for large-scale cartridge filters, and suction bags used for suction filters.

    Stainless steel liquid filter, corrosion-resistant liquid filter, filter screen and other filter materials and supporting equipment processing customized business.

     KoSa environmental protection filter bag products have rich specifications, high quality, favorable price, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, good temperature resistance, long service life and various materials, and can undertake all kinds of filter bag processing and customization business according to customer requirements.

    We will try our best to provide you with high quality and low cost filter materials.

    KOSA Environmental protection filter bags are widely used in industrial water filtration, cutting fluid filtration in mechanical processing, impurity filtration and oil bottom filtration
    in the production process of oil and lubricating oil, water quality purification and filtration of aquaculture and aquarium water.

    Fish tank filtration; spray paint filtration used in the chemical, paint and coating industries, centrifugal filtration used in the pharmaceutical industry, and drug residue filtration;
    widely used in industrial, chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical water, traditional Chinese medicine filtration, biological and other products filtration, with a wide range of applications.

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